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(incomplete)  list of measures in Europe since October

new restrictions in Paris for two weeks
bars in Paris and suburbs closed starting Oct06
Restaurants : strict health protocols.
events < 1000 no alcohol >22:00
Public student, wedding, festive gathering forbidden.
Dance halls, game rooms, gyms and swimming pools closed
fairs, shows, and parks banned.
sricter guidelines for nursing home visits
Denmark measures since mid-Sept :
restaurants,cafes,pubs close at 22:00
and masks are required there.
no gatherings >50 ,
homeoffice when possible,
avoid bus,train at main traffic hours
cases are declining since Sep27
up again since Oct18
Since 2020/09/21 in Austria
private Feiern, Freizeitgestaltung, Gastronomie Märkte Messen
all private groups, except funerals, except dwellings : <10 instead <50
events : <100
masks on markets, exhibitions,gastro even outdoors
closed since 01:00
cases were plateauing in Austria since Sep21, up again since Sep28

Vienna measures :
since Sep27 Vienna surprisingly does better than Rest-Austria
Austria, Oct19, <7 on private meetings indoors and 13 outdoors
including weddings,clubs,birthday,gym
Montreal on 2020/10/08 released a breakdown
most have occurred in restaurants, bars, gyms and hotels.
Germany on 2020/10/07 detailed list, where people are infected
mostly in dwellings
restaurants,bus,train : very rare
Brussels closes all bars,cafes,restaurants
Cataluna-Canovelles,Granollers,Franqueses, Aug25-Sep24
meetings<10 public and private, religious,bars,restaurants <50%
indoors and outdoors
cultural,recr.,sports special rules, <50%
cases are plateauing since Jul20, half of Madrid, deaths 1/3 of Spain
(why did it stop going up in July ? there must be other reasons)
Jul17 , Barcelona+Lleida, nightlife , masks required
----------------edit 2020/10/12---------------------------------------------
Quebec. The "red zone" limited closure strategy (close bars, restos, gyms,
restrict private gatherings, masks indoors in high schools) has knocked
R down from 1.4 two weeks ago to 0.9 today.
many clusters in Montreal are work-related.
Tele-work can prevent it
-----------------edit Oct14------------------
Netherlands partial lockdown since Oct14: Masks in public , asked to stay home
gatherings <5, no alcohol eve; bars, restaurants, cafes only takeout.
NL, bars restaurants closed no alcohol >20:00 , <3 private guests per day,
buses trains only if really necessary. Mask-rules (so far they had none).
Oct01 : After months of debate, NL issues 'urgent advice' for masks in public spaces
cases peak on Oct29
Netherlands, public buildings closed no foreign travel
theaters museums,cinemas,libraries may re-open
bars,pubs,restaurants,cafes stay closed
3 (instead of 2) private guests per day allowed
---------------------edit Oct15-------------------------------------------------------
Czech builds field-hospitals
curfew from 9pm-6am in Paris,St.Etienne,Lille,Lyon,Toulouse,Rouen
Grenoble,Montpellier,Marseille effective from 00:00 Saturday. Oct17
France bans all private parties at public venues, including weddings,
Oct17 , 19M , curfew , 21-06
no restrictions on public transport
€135fine , 12000 police officers
Bars closed , restaurants until 21:00.
IdF,Rouen,Lille,St.Etienne,Lyon,Grenoble,Toulouse, Montpellier,Marseille
----edit 1102 --- seems to be working ! cases down
especially in those 15 cities, but also elsewhere
but software bug, 60000 more cases since Oct28
Oct16 , Lebanon closes bars, night clubs
Ontario, Sep.26 , bars restaurants, alcohol
week before : gatherings, events
screening business
"we can still prevent a staggering second wave in our city.”
Oct.16, York-region in modified stage 2 next week
Oct 17 The UK's new three-tier lockdown strategy won't stop the spread
according to former head of the WHO Professor Anthony Costello.
cases plateauing since Oct24
Oct 19, lockdown in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria

in Czechia Schools, bars, restaurants are closed,
public gatherings <7. Masks indoors
Full lockdown in two weeks.
in Belgium bars cafes and restaurants close for 4 weeks,
curfew from 0-5, no alcohol > 8 pm. masks recommended
schools also closed (I think)
cases (MA3m) peak on Oct27 , full lockdown on Nov02
no gathering in London and 7 other ciies. bars, pubs and restaurants closed > 10 pm
“circuit breaker” , shutdown in Wales Oct23 , NI closed schools
Spain Oct09 , Madrid and 9 others in emergency. only essential travel,
reducing hotel and restaurant capacity, curfew >11 pm, gatherings <7
Catalonia closed bars and restaurants. Oct15 for 15d
Ireland lockdown:Oct21, only essential businesses asked to stay home.
Ireland is moving to level 5 from midnight on Wednesday, 21 October
cases peaked Oct19, 2 days before the lockdown
Austria, gatherings <7 indoors <13 outdoors, local lockdown.
Italy masks local 9 pm curfews restaurants )
Germany curfews, border checks, gatherings, local lockdown.
Greece masks
Sweden encouraged to work from home.
2020/10/21 Radio Prague Int. @RadioPragueFr
New health measures in #Czechia from 10/22:
closure of all "non-essential" shops except food stores, pharmacies
and drugstores
Czech health secretary expects peak around Nov11
France , 15 departments under curfew from Oct25
Quebec, Oct01,no guests at home,
cases are plateauing
Slovakia and Slovenia announce partial lockdowns
spanish government officials fail to agree on curfew measures
as health minister says epidemic is "out of control"
France , the 9 p.m. curfew will be expanded to affect 46M people
Ireland,since Oct21: level5,lockdown {cases are going down since Oct19}
"we already have the strongest measures in Europe, but"
shops closed
Meet indoors only with people from same household
outdoors only <5km except work,school
schools and Kitas stay open
work from home, if possible
Oct 15 , budget , government members tested
Oct15, Donegal, Monaghan and Cavan goto Level 4
Wales, lockdown since Oct30
Bulgaria Oct 21
Oct 27 no entertainment , restrictions for bars etc.
cases plateauing since Nov05
Croatia, Oct 26
close events, gatherings<50,30,15 ; no alcohol>00:00, masks
cases plateauing since Oct29 ... up again since Nov18
Northern Ireland {cases stable since Oct07}
lockdown on Oct.16, schools closed since Oct19
Germany since Nov02 :
only members from 2 household and max 10 people may meet in public
recreational and sports events cancelled
Bars,restaurants,clubs,discos,pubs, non-essential services closed. Take-away services allowed
Canteens stay open.
Financial support of $12B for companies that are affected
No Tourists
Asked to avoid private traveling
schools and shops stay open, only 1 customer per 10 squaremeters
Asked to work from home if possible
Churches stay open, but some measures are required
no curfew afaics
Bavaria orders contact reduction also for private rooms
(how to control ?)
Nov26:extended until Dec20 , plus private meetings<6,<3households
Oct29 , Macron announces nationwide lockdown, schools and work will continue
stay at home, except school, work, essential travel
Travel between regions prohibited
until 5000 cases/d
Oct31 ,
Belgium lockdown:
- All non-essential stores and some other businesses will close
- Bars and restaurants remain closed
- Working from home is mandatory, where possible
- People are still allowed to leave their home, but no visitors at home
- Measures will last at least 6 weeks
peak at Oct26, 5 daysl before the lockdown
Nov01 , UK nationwide lockdown
measures in Switzerland
<11 friends+family
<50 events
<16 gatherings,sports
distance learning mandatory at > highschool
bars+ : <5 per table , sit for eat/drink
keep records , closed at 2300
nightclubs closed
masks in school , working indoors, bars+,shops,busy zones
Cantonal measures
no curfew, no travel restrictions, increased testing
cases down since ca. Nov05
Austria has ordered a full, three-week lockdown
shops (except food,drugs) and schools closed,
leave the home only for a good reason
Nov11 , Sweden imposes partial lockdown on bars and restaurants ...
Nov20 , no alcohole in pubs after 22PM, closure 1/2hour earlier
Nov19 , Catalonia plans to open bars and restaurants at 30%
until five in the afternoon from Monday
The Government wants to carry out a de-escalation in four phases
that will have, at least, a duration of 15 days each
Nov30 , Turkey announces weekend lockdown and 9 p.m. curfew on weekdays
Dec08,Bavaria, curfew in Hotspots , pupils change-lessons
Dec07 , Austria , reductions
Dec07 , Denmark is planning a partial lockdown in cities
Dec08 , Geneve opens restaurans
Dec08 , , Sachsen (SN) closes schools, most commerce
Dec08 , Bavaria in some days curfew21h , Thuringia maybe
Dec16 , hard lockdown in Germany and Netherlands
Dec15 , Italy increases measures (chart is down, looks good)
Dec17 , Germany-Saxony curfew in hotspots planned
Dec17, Denmark orders lockdown
Dec27,Czech lockdown #3

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