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« on: February 15, 2020, 07:08:04 pm »
Munich Security Conference , WHO Director General , 15 February 2020

 > ... It was no coincidence that the 1918 flu pandemic erupted in the middle of the First World War,

contrary to what most scientists say, afaik

>...the emergence of a pathogen with pandemic potential, moving rapidly from country
> to country and requiring an immediate and large-scale response in countries.
> [that's] what we are seeing now
> [but clarifies that this is currently mainly in China]

 > Let me be clear: it is impossible to predict which direction this epidemic will take.

lots of people did and others are doing this impossible thing.
If the WHO gives no prediction then we must rely on others.

 > We are encouraged that the steps China has taken to contain the outbreak at its source
 > appear to have bought the world time, even though those steps have come at greater
 > cost to China itself. But its slowing the spread to the rest of the world.

well, China at first China benefits itself most. They contain it in Wuhan, the rest of China
is almost as free as the rest of the world. With some costly measures, though.

 > Were encouraged that outside China, we have not yet seen widespread community transmission.

 > Were concerned by the continued increase in the number of cases in China

cases are going down. It couldn't be better.

 >  were fighting an infodemic.
 > ...  Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Tencent, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube


 > [praising China]

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