Author Topic: B.1.1.7 (UK) and B.1.351(SA) and P1(Brazil) and B.1.617(India) and BA (South Africa) and BA.2 (Denmark) ...  (Read 735 times)


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delta with N501Y in Germany
As of 4 November 2021 07:26 AM, 1,266,536

Theo Sanderson replied
Nov 5
Message from @Unusual_Times

AY.39 is driving growth in Belgium and the Netherlands

But in Germany you have a potentially HUGE problem with the convergent evolution
 of B.1.617.2 carrying the N501Y mutation - as yet unclassified in GISAID/PANGO.

@shisha_de   2021-11-07
Die Deutschen haben sich wohl eine eigene Variante gezüchtet: B.1.617.2 mit N501Y
Mutation, die sonst nur in B1351 und P1 vorkommt. Anteil nun 6% und schnell steigend.
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