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« on: April 13, 2021, 02:22:47 am »
PRRA [nucleotides CTCCTCGGCGGG or TCCTCGGCGGGC, depending how you align ]
is the amino-acid-furin cleavage site ("FCS") inserted into SARS2 at the S1-S2 border in the spike protein.
It is not seen in the similar bat or pangolin viruses, so ir was speculated that it was
inserted in a lab , as done in similar experiments on IBV=infectious bronchitis virus,
 a coronavirus in birds, for which they are trying to create chicken-vaccines.

there are 2 such FCS in some coronaviruses :

Code: [Select]
CTCCTCGGCGGG = insertion
TCTCCTCGGCGGGCACGT , SARS2  , spike , 2038-2055
  S  P  R  R  A  R
  K  P  S  K  R  S  F  I  E  D  L  L  F
  S  P  R  R  R  S  F  I  E  D  L  L  F 


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