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how does it spread
« on: March 14, 2020, 06:11:00 am »

Some things are a bit unexpected and surprising

Transmission in China happened among family members and close contacts.
True “community spread” was less common.

Van Kerkhove said true community spread involves transmission where people get
infected in a movie theater, on the subway, or walking down the street.
There’s no way to trace back the source of infection because there’s no
connection between the infected person and the person he or she infects.
That’s not what the Chinese data show, she said.

China’s Covid-19 outbreak isn’t driven by spread in hospitals.

With this new disease, more than 2,000 health workers have become ill.
But Van Kerkhove said it seems like most of them were infected at home

China’s Covid-19 outbreak isn’t driven by spread in schools.

Even when we looked at households, we did not find a single example of a child bringing
the infection into the household and transmitting to the parents. It was the other way around,


so, that seems to suggest that isolating suspected household members
in isolation clinics and contact-tracing is the right method.
As it will be enforced by the army in Iran now in the next 7-10 days.
As it was done in China (I think. At least in Wuhan , they gave daily numbers
 of contacts traced, people "concentrated" ; they had fever-clinics, mobile isolation points)
I'm not sure how South Korea handled this.
It isn't done in Italy, AFAIK (so far).
And it is unpopular in USA, I remember that discussion from the H5N1-forums >10 years ago.

so, how did it transmit from household to household ?
Friends visiting ? Birthdays,weddings,funerals
From work ? Collegues, customers, coworkers, clients, conferences
Public transportation ? subway, buses, trains
Mechanics in the lodgement? repairs
Sewage, water ?

I'm wondering ... is it maybe exactly this isolation of suspected household members,
separating them from their family ,
which is the key to contain it ?
Part of China's success, now implemented in Iran,
so unpopular in Europe,USA.
And maybe that's the reason why it isn't being
discussed here. Why it is being avoided.
So authoritarian, so communist, so unfree.
all the old people in Italy, how did they get it ?
Probably not from traveling, probably not from work or school.
But from household contacts. Italy is known for their grand-families
several generations in the household.

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