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Little is known about the memory B-cell responses against MERS-CoV, apart from a recent study which demonstrated the persistence of anti-MERS-CoV antibodies in MERS survivors up to 34 months (Payne et al., 2016). On the other hand, antibody responses against another closely related coronavirus, SARS-CoV, were not persistent, whereby a 6-year follow-up study did not detect memory B-cell responses in SARS survivors (Tang et al., 2011). It is likely that some of the B-cells differentiate into MERS-CoV-specific memory B-cells following infection or vaccination, but the longevity and protective efficacy of these memory B-cells against MERS-CoV infection or re-challenge remain unresolved questions (Du et al., 2016b; Perlman and Vijay, 2016).


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